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Poor Reaction Tops the List of Cause to Permian...
Midland - We all know that the number of wrecks in the Permian Basin are steadily increasing, but did you know that the majority of those wrecks were due to drivers not being focused or prepared?

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Mesquite man killed in car accident on...
A Mesquite man was killed in a single-car accident when he drove off of Interstate 635 near Highway 80 and landed nose first early Monday morning, Mesquite police said.

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No injuries reported after Madison Co. school...
Luther Branson Elementary School students are safe this afternoon after having survived an accident in which an 18-wheeler hit the school bus transporting them back from a field trip.

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IF YOU HAVE BEEN INJURED - Let us help you understand the complexities involved with a Texas personal injury case and help you make informed decisions on what steps to take next.

What should I do If I have Been Injured in an Accident?

  • Remain at the Accident Scene
  • Only discuss the Accident with the On-Scene Officer
  • Consult an Attorney If you are looking for a strong, dependable, and compassionate attorney, call the Cole Legal Group. 877-333-0017

We Will Not Be Outworked

The attorneys at Cole Legal Group are experienced in handling the pitfalls that arise when dealing with personal injury cases and accidents that occur as a result of the negligent actions of another in North Texas. Though the circumstances that exist during such time are most likely traumatic, our compassionate approach allows you to protect yourself and maximize any monetary damages you may be entitled to.

The Texas Injury Lawyers

Cole Legal Group's approach creates a cooperative effort between you and the Law Firm. We make sure that every opportunity is taken to get you what you deserve for the injuries incurred as a result of the negligence of another.

The Cole Legal Group

As injury lawyers, our job is to fight for your rights and what you are entitled to. This is accomplished by contacting a lawyer as early as possible after an injury occurs to give your attorney the best chance to preserve any and all evidence needed to navigate the complex legal landscape of your case. The Cole Legal Group has a proven track record of obtaining substantial insurance settlements and jury awards for people hurt in all types of motor vehicle accidents in Texas.

Texas 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Texas 18 wheeler accidents can be fatal and life changing. You need a firm with proven results to help you reclaim your life. Trucking accidents demand skilled and aggressive attention to detail. Many need to be carefully explored, as quickly as possible, to protect your rights.

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